COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES BUYERS: Pre-purchase inspection of potential investment properties is a good idea. Basic Commercial Property Inspections are limited to a visual inspection, of the site, structure and permanently installed systems and components, our experienced inspector(s) will be able to identify potential defects and specific areas of concern that may be missed by inexperienced observation.


Clients must understand the scope and limitations of the Basic Commercial Property Inspection prior to requesting such inspection to take place. Advantage Inspection Services, LLC has designed our inspection process of commercial properties for real estate transactions to meet or exceed the InterNACHI Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties available here

Clients must understand that there may be problems with the property that exist during the inspection that are beyond the scope of the Basic Commercial Property Inspection.


ADVantage Inspection Services, LLC offers a variety of ancillary inspection services designed to be incorporated into the Basic Commercial Property Inspection, such services are intended to provide the client with information that is otherwise beyond the scope of the Basic Commercial Inspection. If we suspect a problem that exceeds the scope of the Basic Commercial Inspection we will always recommend that further evaluation be conducted, clients will then have the option of consulting with us or another third party agency of their choice.